Family and Friends Discount

To qualify for the Family and Friends discount, four or more people need to register together. Each group member receives a $5 discount off their registration fee. Since Kids Pedal is a free event, Kids Pedal registrants do not count toward the four registration requirement.

Group registration discounts can be applied to all Providence Bridge Pedal events: the Fremont Express, 10-bridge, 8-bridge and 6-bridge rides and Bridge Stride. It can be applied to adult, senior and youth registrations.

To create your Family and Friends group and receive the discount, select the “create a group” option at the beginning of the registration process. You will need to register and pay for a minimum of four people at the time you create the group.

Members of your group DO NOT need to do the same event. They may do any Bridge Pedal ride or Bridge Stride.

After creating your group, you will receive a discount code that allows others to join your group and receive the discount.

Individual team members may pick up their own ride materials at one of the pre-events or on the morning of the ride, or one person may pick up materials for all team members.