Resources for Publishing and Research

How to Find a Journal for Your Article

  • Journal/Author Nam Estimator: use your title or abstract to find a potential journal or co-author.
  • Core Medical Journals - from Abridged Index Medicus, a subset of MEDLINE
  • Core Nursing Journals - compiled by the Nursing and Allied Health Resources Section of the Medical Library Association
  • Most frequently accessed medical journals on GoogleScholar
  • Top 100 Biomedical Journals - compiled by the Special Libraries Association

Writing Resources


  • Elements of Style - a classic by William Strunk in full text; the American English writing style guide.


Not sure you want to write at all? Check out tips on publishing in medicine from Dr. Lundberg, the former editor of JAMA.

Nursing - How to Research, Publish and Present

Finding the literature:

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Publishing and Presenting:
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