Clinical Institutes

Providing easy access to clinical experts and integrated care for your patients
With hospitals, clinics, long-term facilities and hospice and home health programs in five states, Providence has the clinical scale and geographic reach to provide comprehensive and seamless care to patients, their families and our communities. To serve more people and provide them predictable experiences in quality, cost and access, we are bringing our major clinical service lines together as institutes.

What is a clinical institute?
A clinical institute is an externally facing, virtually coordinated structure that incorporates all of Providence and features a concentration of multidisciplinary clinical expertise. This institute model will ensure that all patients receive predictable, comprehensive care regardless of where they enter our integrated system.   

Why are we doing this?
  • To improve data collection, analysis, access and transparency across the system, closing the gaps in the continuity of care
  • To build research programs and provide research opportunities 
  • To offer a seamless path to clinical experts for providers and those we serve
  • To provide simple and intuitive ways to get help and care
  • To use our digital records to enable real-time access anytime and anywhere
  • To leverage the institutes’ strong virtual element so we can deliver services in our patients’ communities

Our Institutes

Neuroscience Institute 
The Providence neuroscience institute has aligned 34 hospitals and five affiliates to form the largest integrated and coordinated neurosciences clinical service line in the country. By working together, we will be able to standardize care based on evidence-based protocols and reduce treatment variation across the system, resulting in predictable outcomes for everyone who comes to us for care.
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Other Institutes Coming Soon
The neuroscience institute is setting the foundation for creating unified institutes around our clinical service lines. As it launches, work continues to create institutes for the following specialties:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular
  • Digestive Health
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Women & Children

Launch dates for these service lines will be determined in the first quarter of 2016.