Cough or congestion

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When you’ve got a cough that won’t quit, let us help.

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Is a cough keeping you up at night? Coughing and congestion often, but not always, occur at the same time. There are many causes for these symptoms, including the common cold, upper respiratory infection (a viral infection known as URI that affects the nose, mouth, throat and lungs) and bronchitis (inflammation of the lung airways).


  • Cough with or without mucus
  • Chest tightness
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Constant wheezing
  • Sore or itchy throat

How a virtual visit can help

You may be asked to describe your work and home environments as well as your lifestyle. We can recommend a cough suppressant, inflammation-reducing steroid or over-the-counter remedy to relieve discomfort. Antibiotics* are no cure for the common cold, and bronchitis almost always improves over time without antibiotics.

How can you diagnose me through a virtual visit?

Your medical history provides enough information to make an accurate diagnosis 83 percent of the time and, in turn, helps us recommend the right treatment. We also rely on information about any drugs (over-the-counter or prescribed) you’ve taken and your specific symptoms, including the duration and severity.

If we can’t help you, we will refer you elsewhere and waive your fee.

Prepare for your virtual visit

Get the most out of your appointment.

  • Find a quiet, private space.
  • Have your photo ID ready. If your child is the patient, we need to see your ID.
  • Grab a thermometer and flashlight in case your provider asks for assistance.

Express Care Virtual follows the standard of care of the Infectious Diseases Society of America regarding antibiotics. We look for specific symptoms when determining whether antibiotics are the best course of treatment. For instance, sinus infections naturally take a long time to heal, and antibiotics are not always recommended.