Thomas K. Hafford, MD Providence Medical Group

Languages: English
Wayne State University, School of Medicine Registrar, Michigan
Medical School
Providence Hospital - Southfield
Personal Interests
I enjoy a variety of activities which help me maintain my own health which include jogging, kayaking, cycling and spending time with my family.
Board Certifications
  • American Board of Family Medicine, Family Medicine

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4.1 out of 5 (148 Ratings, 32 Comments)


Very helpful.

Was new doctor to me. Previous Doctor [...] left her practice here and I was NEVER informed of her leaving..............Very unprofessional!!!!!!!!!! Ran out of blood pressure meds. Directly from this terrible lack of communication. Again will probably seek out another facility.....

Never remembers who I am. Also has noted a comment in my chart that is so untrue and this statement has totally made me angry and upset. Put me through blood tests and ultrasound to see if I had Hepatitis and Liver disease due to drinking. Totally embarrassing and all tests came out negative. I have gallstones. that's what I have! Last visit my BP was thru the roof due to being so angry. Asked for a flu shot I didn't get one. I will have to really think if this is where I will do my tests and physical this year.

I felt like Dr. Hafford did an outstanding job. He did a thorough orientation on my records and asked several questions about my medical history that helped during the visit.

Provider is always very professional, yet not overly formal.

I cannot say enough good things about the way I am treated by Dr. Hafford. The reception staff at most Providence clinics should be improved however, because of the standard of care and level of attention I receive from Dr. Hafford, I will most definitely stay with Providence.

[...] Doctor would sit at his computer and did not get in front of my father's face to talk to him and my father has very poor hearing. Otherwise, I could hear everything Dr. Hafford said and could relay it to dad but I prefer dad hear it as well.

We will never be back!! You don't get to tell us we don't know what we are talking about and basically call us liars and not even care that we were waiting for 1-1/2 hours for you!!! Didnt act like he cared at all!!

Dr. Hafford used some inappropriate dialog during my visit: he disagreed with the required tests that needed to be ordered from my employer ([...]), even stating that he "did not think his tax dollars should pay for all these tests". I don't care what his opinion is about tax dollars and insurance, that is not something that should not be discussed while meeting with a patient. He also went down an extensive line of questioning for each and every test item required from my employer, asking why I need this and that, and also stating "you're healthy, you don't need this". [...] Finally, the last thing that really annoyed me was that after our meeting I was told I had to personally schedule my stress test w/ EKG. So right after I left the office I called scheduling and they told me that my doctor had to order it. How would Dr. Hafford not know that? Since the office literally closed for the weekend right after I left, I had to wait until the next week to go back to the office, request to have the stress test ordered, and then wait a few days for it to clear with insurance. A few days later I received a letter in MyChart stating that Dr. Hafford did not think I needed a stress test w/ EKG, and consequently my insurance denied the request for it to be ordered. I am now waiting for this issue to be resolved, and it's a test I need done before the end of the year. The strangest thing about all this is that Dr. Hafford ordered me all the same tests last year without any issues or disagreements. I won't be his patient again and will definitely NOT be recommending him to anyone.

Dr Hafford should not be a care provider in my opinion. I have never been talked to in such a condescending manner in my life. He spent the entire visit speaking to me about my family history of cancer. I explained to him that I felt genes are only part of it and that I do not eat, smoke or not exercise like my family. His reply was that I need counseling for my denial to be tested for the types of cancer they have. I left my appointment in tears and don't ever plan to return. I feel he only wants to push prescriptions and unneeded procedures.

DrHafford walked in the room and asked if I was a new patient. I have been his patient for two years and have seen him several time. His comment made me feel very unimportant.

Dr kind spent time for follow up but a little forgetful concerning problems.

Doctor mis-diagnosed me as being underweight despite confirming I possess a healthy BMI. This leads me to question his competency in other areas.

This was an initial appt with a new provider. [...] Dr. Hafford was quite thorough.

Dr. Hafford is the best care provider I have EVER had. He gives me excellent care!

Dr. Hafford is a real treasure. I feel lucky he is my doctor.

Dr.Hafford is a first class Family Doctor

Job well done

Thank my provider and the entire team very much

I appreciated the fact that he took time to cover many areas of concern, instead of hurrying through. He was quite thorough.

Dr. Hafford is warm, interested & caring. He was incredibly thorough! More than any dr. I've had! Would never switch.

[...] he was insulting and I would have left in the middle of the exam but I didn't have any cloths on. On the other hand he didn't spend enough time with me because he didn't even get to issues that I think are a real concern and that I have to find a new provider to address these problems.

Very good doctor.

Hafford is top shelf

He said he didn't have time to read about my care I felt I was bothering him.not a pleasant visit he didn't show any manners.

In my appointment, the doctor after arriving 45 minutes late said he had been on vacation. [...] he used the voice to text application on the computer. VERY VERY ANNOYING to say the least. Every time I answered a question he would start talking into the computer mic, and any follow up answers or questions would be impossible. As the technology is also flawed, he would have to constantly correct simple things as the translator would misunderstand him and put the wrong words down. The actual exam seemed limited and hurried, with the bulk of the time spent being him trying to speak answers into the computer. AGAIN, he never looked at my medical history. [...] I went in for the blood test the following week. I waited for over 30 minutes in the waiting room to get a simple blood test. I left frustrated and angry when no one seemed to care and will do the test somewhere else. [...] I will be looking for another doctor and will not return to Providence. [...]

My visit was overlong and not a good use of my time. I felt like I struggled to get a word in edgewise sometimes, and Dr. Hafford used a verbal note-taking software that was distracting and made things move much slower. He also treated the weight that I've gained over the past few years very harshly and said that if I didn't lose weight and continued to be "obese", I would get diabetes and depression. This was my first visit with him as I needed a new physician […].

I am not a doctor - i don't like know how to interpret the My Chart Information. There was no follow up writing from the care provider describing what my next course of actions should be from my check up results. Some of my test results were near or above the normal ranges. I would have liked to know what I could do to get those results better under control. I received no further information.

We have been seeing Dr. Hafford for many years, and in my opinion, he is very good at what he does and as long as he is there, he will be my Doctor....

Dr. Hafford has good listening skills. He was patient and gave answers to my questions.

Always favorable & pleasant.

dr. Hafford is probably the best dr. I have ever seen in my life, he took time to listen to my problems and he wanted to do as much as he can to make me feel better about my health , I really appriate him being my health care provider !
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