Southern California Stories

Spring 2017

Bryce Fisher and Nancy Goodson

Production Credit: Tomorrow’s Event Productions

Days before his mother’s birthday, Bryce Fisher, then 21-years old, received heartbreaking news that he had a rare form of cancer. He and his mother, Nancy, sit down to recount those sobering days following the diagnosis, acknowledge the triumphs and miracles in the challenging times since, and speak about the ongoing journey that continues to bring them closer to one another.

Lindsey Burrell and Julie Baker

Production Credit: StoryCorps

Lindsey Burrell and her mother, Julie Baker, both ICU nurses at Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center in Torrance, Calif., talk about Lindsey’s recent open heart surgery and how the experience has fundamentally changed their approach to nursing.

Ahmed Pierstorff and Coleen Dumenjich

Production Credit: Tomorrow’s Event Productions

Ahmed Pierstorff is a Muslim, and social touch of the opposite sex is prohibited. Yet, his job as a registered nurse often necessitates physical contact with the opposite sex. Here he shares with his mentor, Coleen Dumenjich, how he navigates his professional duties with his religious devotion.

Dr. Glen Komatsu

Production Credit: Addis Media Group

Dr. Glen Komatsu, CMO of Providence TrinityCare Hospice & Regional Palliative Care, reflects on the clinical skill and emotional resilience required to care for dying children. He shares the story of 6-year-old Maddox, who faced death with insight and courage.

Michael Jongsma and Mary Kingston

Production Credit: StoryCorps

Mary Kingston, chief executive of Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Centers in Torrance and San Pedro in Southern California, shares with Michael Jongsma, chief nursing officer, the anguish of honoring her father’s wishes to be removed from a respirator, and why having an advance directive is a profound gift for our loved ones.

Pat and Richard Aidem

Production Credit: Tomorrow's Event Productions

Pat Aidem's husband, Richard, received a donated heart from a 20-year-old. Richard tells the story of meeting the young man's mother one day, and how she wanted to listen to her son’s beating heart again.

Winter 2016

Mike Drummond and Roger Neill

Production Credit: Michael Addis

Providence’s Mike Drummond talks with film composer Roger Neill about their departed friend, Eric, and his unreal encounter with rock guitar legend Eddie Van Halen.

Jennifer Kozakowski and Tue Nguyen

Production Credit: Mindy Fortune

Providence’s Tue Nguyen shares with mentor Jennifer Kozakowski how his bout with tongue cancer taught him to savor life and cherish what matters most.

James Raspe and Stephanie Ryu

Production Credit: Mindy Fortune

James Raspe, an outdoors enthusiast and a patient at Providence, shares with Chaplain Stephanie Ryu how his struggle with renal failure has given him the gift of empathy and a purpose to help others.

Ira Byock and BJ Miller

Production Credit: StoryCorps

Dr. Ira Byock, founder and chief medical officer of the Providence Institute for Human Caring, and Dr. BJ Miller, a palliative care physician at UCSF Medical Center, share thoughts on being in the moment, caring for the seriously ill, caring for yourself, and the secret to life.

Rebekah Riemer and Colin Scibetta

Production Credit: StoryCorps

Rebekah Riemer’s grandmother died shortly after being diagnosed with a form of leukemia. Nine months later, Rebekah was diagnosed with a similar disease. Now a nurse, she shares with Dr. Colin Scibetta her healing journey with the same palliative team that cared for her grandmother and the impact that’s had on her work.

Salve Bautista and Marianne Ayala

Production Credit: StoryCorps

Salve Bautista’s aunt received palliative care through Providence, which awoke a passion in Salve for this field of medicine. The palliative staff at Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance were surprised and delighted when Salve re-entered their lives – this time not as a family member of a patient, but as a job applicant.