About Us

“Illness, caregiving, dying and grief are profoundly personal, not only for the individual who is sick, but also for everyone who loves that person.” -- Dr. Ira Byock, chief medical officer of the Providence Institute for Human Caring

At the Providence Institute for Human Caring, we believe that whole person care is critical to helping patients and their families cope with serious illness at the end of life. This requires attending to the body, mind and spirit.

Treating the whole person

Serious illness not only affects people physically, it also frequently robs them of their sense of security. People living with life-threatening medical conditions often say they feel lonely, frightened, confused and depressed. Whole person care melds state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment with expertise and services to address their emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Whole person care assures that:

  • Patients are engaged in their own care.
  • Families receive help in supporting loved ones who are seriously ill.
  • Caregivers receive support in coping with the strains of caregiving and, later, grief.

Providence’s values of excellence, respect and compassion reflect our commitment to whole person care through the end of life.

Our organizing principles

We believe:

  • Every person we serve is a whole person.
  • Quality requires treatments to be consistent with the values, preferences and priorities of persons we serve.
  • Sovereignty over illness, dying, caregiving and grieving properly belongs to families and communities.

The Institute for Human Caring believes that raising expectations for health care that treats each of us as a whole person – eliciting and honoring our values, preferences and priorities – will inspire a growing demand for professionals who can make whole person care the new normal.