Financial Assistance at Providence

If you need help paying your hospital bills, we have financial counselors available to assist you with the easy process of:

  • Reviewing the eligibility criteria
  • Completion of the application
  • Verification of financial need
  • Review of other payor sources available (i.e., local, state and federal health care programs)

We can help you apply for:

  • Discounts for uninsured patients
  • Financial assistance / charity care*
  • Alternative payment arrangements

Please contact our Providence Financial Counselor(s), for assistance. We want to make sure you receive the health care you need regardless of your ability to pay. A list of Providence free-standing and provider-based outpatient clinics is available upon request from our Providence Billing Customer Service staff.

*Charity care does not include bad debt or limits of coverage from government programs, but may include insurance co-payments, deductibles or both.

Mary Potter Program for Human Dignity

Who is Mary Potter?

In 1877, in Nottingham, England, an English woman of unshakable faith, along with a small group of followers, began to pray and care for the sick, poor, unwanted and dying.

This remarkable woman was Mary Potter, and she is the foundress of the Sisters of Little Company of Mary - a group of more than 400 Catholic sisters worldwide dedicated to Mary, Mother of Jesus, and caring for and preserving the dignity of the sick and dying.

What is the Mary Potter Program for Human Dignity?

The Mary Potter Program for Human Dignity was established to help make health care available for the sick within the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys and South Bay regardless of their ability to pay. Providence Health & Services, following the example of Mary Potter, recognizes the importance of caring for individuals who might not otherwise have access to these services. We attempt to make visible the healing presence of Jesus by providing necessary medical health care services while preserving individual respect and dignity.

What Services are Available?

Services include all medical health care services normally provided by Providence Health & Services facilities, including acute care hospitalization, sub-acute and long term care, home health care and outpatient ancillary services.

Who Qualifies for Care?

Qualified applicants must have a demonstrated need for medical health services. Applicants must be unable to pay for their care. Applicants will be asked to provide acceptable income verification, such as copies of income tax returns or recent payroll stubs. A person's eligibility for this program is based on their family size and income using the federal poverty level standards. The bill will be adjusted according to level of income.

How are Services Accessed?

Anyone may request that a patient be considered for the Mary Potter Program for Human Dignity. Upon referral, applicants' cases are evaluated based on family size, income, assets, expenses, ability to work, age and severity of medical need. An application form for the program must be completed and returned to the Regional Business Office.

Applicants will be required to apply for Medi-Cal and have their Medi-Cal eligibility determined prior to accessing The Mary Potter Program for Human Dignity. When applicants are admitted to The Mary Potter Program for Human Dignity, there is no distinction of any kind in their care. Program participants receive the same compassionate, high quality care as any patient at any of our facilities - with no exceptions.

Price Estimates

Information about the estimated charges of your hospital or professional services is available upon request. Please do not hesitate to ask for information. The actual charge may be more or less than the estimate depending on the type and extent of care that you and your provider determine is needed.

All of our usual and customary charges for our services are contained in our "charge master." Your charges will depend on the actual services rendered, not on the estimate.


For more information about financial assistance, please call 866-747-2455 (toll free)