Providence has deepened its investments in education, strengthening our commitment to support educators and students in the communities we serve. This expanded focus on education is a continuation of the work of our founding sisters, who focused on health as well as education when they settled in the Pacific Northwest and California over 175 years ago. It is rooted in our belief that education is an essential component of our vision of health for a better world. We know that disparities in education are intimately linked with health challenges, especially for those who are poor and vulnerable. The focus on education is also rooted in the broader need for highly trained, compassionate caregivers. There is a nationwide expected shortage for clinical areas from technicians to nurses and physicians. Providence is addressing this concern by operating 12 education organizations including a university, a high school, a nursing school, seven child development centers, a school of radiography, and a medical laboratory science program.


Our education programs span digital wellness campaigns, traditional classrooms and outreach in the field, benefiting students from preschool through college and into their professional careers.

  • In 2019, we expanded existing programs and built out new efforts, targeting both local communities and our footprint across our family of organizations. We focused on addressing social determinants of health through support for career and college readiness, parent education programs, and investment in at-risk and low-income youth and communities of color.
  • We also focused on developing a talent pipeline through our university and caregiver programs. The purpose of our focus was to ensure we have the most compassionate caregivers for patients and that we are addressing the nationwide expected shortage of front-line health care workers.
  • Completed the first Providence Education Programs and Partnerships strategic plan, providing an inventory of our work and a road map for the next five years. This provides us the strategic framework to meet our most essential community education needs. 
  • Developed curriculum to expand the Work2BeWell digital wellness campaign, which focuses on removing the stigma of mental health challenges and advocates for improved mental health care.
  • Maintained a 99 percent college matriculation rate, with 475 high school students enrolled at the Providence campus in Burbank, CA.
  • Improved educator engagement by 14 percent, which is dramatically above market levels. Educators report feeling engaged with the mission and enabled to do the work they need to do.
  • Developed plans to expand volunteerism globally and in community partnerships, building on programs to travel to Tijuana to provide sanitation, latrines and construction assistance. Programs previously offered only to caregivers will be expanded to include high school and university students, faculty and staff.


 All children are valued, nurtured, healthy and thriving. We recognize the crucial role that early childhood education plays in whole family health. Connecting our seven early childhood education ministries to each other and creating a community of practice helps each ministry to ensure: 
  • Children and families thrive regardless of income, language and culture.
  • Providence early childhood supports and services are coordinated and integrated across settings and sectors. 
  • Policies and practices are family centered. 

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