Access to education is a powerful economic determinant that can help lift people up when facing difficult circumstances and prevent people from entering poverty. The St. Joseph Community Partnership Fund believes that education is a journey, and we take a holistic approach to improving education access. 

From early childhood education to post-secondary, it is critical that both parents and students understand their educational rights and responsibilities. The Fund partners with local nonprofits to help parents advocate on their children’s behalf for resources and improvements. We invest in essential technologies like computers and internet access to help build equity in education, no matter the student’s economic situation. We listen to the needs of our communities and invest in programs that address their most pressing challenges. 

Positively impacting the emotional well-being of teens and promoting mental health is an important priority. The Fund supports a program called Work2BeWell that was created in response to a growing concern about teenage suicide rates in the Pacific Northwest. This program is unique in that it was not designed solely by behavioral health specialists or health care professionals. The concepts and plan for implementation came directly from teens who wanted to engage with their peers around mental health. Through this signature program managed by the Fund, students learn about and advocate for mental health public policy, educate their peers on available mental health resources and work to reduce the stigma associated with mental health care among young adults.