Resource Advisor Platform

Resource Advisor Platform

Providence is committed to becoming a leader in environmental stewardship. To do so, we have to understand the environmental impact of our organization. This requires utility and emission data for all our facilities, the ability to monitor and measure progress toward specific goals, and methods for identifying key issues and opportunities for improvement. To obtain this type of insight, we developed our world-class utility and sustainability management platform, Resource Advisor. This sophisticated digital software empowers Providence caregivers with access to robust data and reporting on utility usage and costs, and related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Below are a few examples of how we measure and manage our environmental footprint at the site, regional, and system levels.


Data management. Just as every journey begins with a single step, every goal must begin with a baseline or starting point. Data management is the foundation for our performance improvement, as it enables us to track progress and identify specific challenges. Resource Advisor allows us to monitor the environmental footprint of over 600 hospitals, medical offices, and other buildings. We also measure emissions associated with business-related air travel and car rentals, and add new items to the database each year.

Analytics, scorecards and reporting. Resource Advisor provides site, regional, corporate, and building-type (acute care, MOB, office) reporting. Examples include basic cost and usage reporting, budget reporting and weather normalized scatter plots showing energy use trends over the past decade. These robust reporting capabilities enable caregivers to run reports customized to their role and functional area.

ENERGY STAR ratings. One of our environmental stewardship efforts is to achieve EPA ENERGY STAR certification whenever possible. Resource Advisor exchanges data with the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to collect and report 1-to-100 ratings that allow our hospitals and medical offices to benchmark energy performance against similar sized buildings across the U.S. This keeps us accountable and helps identify specific facilities that need improvement.
Training library. Resource Advisor is available to all our caregivers – whether they are a facility manager or just passionate about the environment and interested in their particular facility’s environmental footprint. Our online training library offers tools such as a Quick Reference Guides that enable caregivers to rank sites, review invoices, run reports, customize views, and track and report progress.

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