About St. Joseph Community Partnership Fund

Our Vision

We envision communities where all people live with optimum health and wellness. The St. Joseph Community Partnership Fund is a bridge between our legacy as a Catholic health system and our future as a dynamic health partner in our communities. We continue to seek proactive ways to support our communities, our caregivers, and our most vulnerable throughout our system towards the achievement of health equity. 

Our Mission

The St. Joseph Community Partnership Fund, as an extension of Christ’s healing ministry, provides funding and assistance to improve the health and well-being of the economically poor, and utilizes the strengths and diversity of our neighbors to build vibrant communities. Through all our investments, the Fund seeks to promote health equity – the idea that everyone has the same opportunity to live a long, healthy life. 

Our History

In 1986, St. Joseph worked to further its commitment to the poor by creating a plan to transcend traditional efforts of providing care for those in need. The St. Joseph Community Partnership Fund was created as a result of that plan, designed to work in partnership with each hospital community benefit department to improve the health of low-income individuals residing in local communities. 

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