...and Across the Mountains

Mother Gamelin’s feast was celebrated by Sisters of Providence throughout North America. Across the Rocky Mountains in Montana, St. Ignatius Indian School for Girls feasted in a simple but uplifting way. The chronicles record, "Among our happy events, we can single out that of the centenary of our venerable founder Bishop Bourget and of our foundress Mother Emilie Gamelin. Our pupils shared in our joy. We did all in our power to make them happy on this anniversary. February 19, as a happy coincidence, seven of our girls received their First Holy Communion…. One pupil desired to give one dollar when her companions took up a collection. She was well able to give this amount, but so that her companions could share she had it changed into pennies so that she could give each the joy of making a gift in honor of the feast. Her companions all joyous over the sharing willingly added to the common funds. Our venerable mother from her heavenly home must have smiled on these simple acts of generosity."