Bishop O’Dea Praises Mother Gamelin

At 4 p.m., Bishop O’Dea visited with the sisters at the Academy. He praised the community and Mother Gamelin saying, "Sisters, you have much reason to joyously celebrate this centennial because the admirable lady who founded your community did more in the church of Jesus Christ than all the grand men of war whose names we exalt: George Washington, for example, the great conqueror of the United States, and later Lincoln, who is considered like a savior. These grand conquerors deserve the praise of men, but certainly not as much as our mother." Bishop O’Dea compared Mother Gamelin to a tree extending its shoots to all parts of America. And he finished by stating that at the morning’s high Mass, he had asked God to immortalize Mother Gamelin and the sisters’ names and work until the end of time.