Mother Josephs Tabernacle Veil

Mother Joseph personally wished to mark the centenary in a special way so at the age of 76, and blind in one eye from cancer, she embroidered a tabernacle veil with gold thread. The veil was a gift to Bishop Paul Bruchesi at the cathedral in Montreal. Mother Joseph wrote to the bishop about her "small piece of needlework" saying, "To me, this humble gift is that much more precious since I am indebted to our Mother Foundress for the first lessons which I received for this sort of work. [However, I] find in the whole the stamp of advanced age. When one is seventy the fingers lose their suppleness. I would love to believe that Mother Gamelin from high heaven will look with pleasure on this small ornament placed on the tabernacle of the Cathedral of Montreal . . ."

Bishop Bruchesi expressed his thanks. "On the very day of the celebration, in the presence of your entire community, I expressed my gratitude toward the skillful artist from Vancouver. Should you have heard me, your modesty would have been ill at ease. But you live and work only for God, do you not? This tabernacle veil and the ciborium veil, the handiwork of your companion Sister Elizabeth, are truly works of art. Who would ever believe that they were embroidered by two 77-year old religious women? We will preciously preserve them with the treasures of our cathedral."