Table of the King

Simplicity and generosity were the overall themes of the community-wide celebration, as declared by Mother Mary Antoinette, Superior General, and her Council in Montreal. Months before, they had decreed that Mother Gamelin’s centennial should be a feast for the poor. As a result, the sisters began making clothing of every color and design: First Communion outfits for boys and girls, layettes, dresses, coats, hats, and stockings – all to be distributed on specific days. In addition, a change was made at the kitchens where meals were served: "The poor who come to the depots will be served, not only on the day of the centenary, but for all time, on dishes of white crockery and not on enamel ware which chips after some days of service. Use utensils of good wearing quality which will not rust with time or use. [Treat the poor with] kindness and politeness; they are our lords and masters."