About Us

For many years, Providence has provided our IS products and services to organizations outside of our healthcare organization – including hospitals, clinics, and joint ventures.

Examples of these products and services include Epic, our electronic medical record (EMR), and infrastructure, such as networking and storage, telephony, and other applications, including enterprise resource planning, or more commonly known as ERP.

We’ve had an industry-leading Epic Connect program since 2009 – sharing Epic, our electronic medical record system, with independent hospitals and practices in communities with whom we share patients.

In late 2016 we came together to form Providence Community Technologies to ensure the best practices we developed within Epic Connect were extended to all the IS products and services across our whole enterprise – under one umbrella. That means that we are a dedicated team that, first and foremost, works with you to understand if one our products or solutions would be the right fit for your organization. If one is, we support you all the way from business planning, implementation, and long-term support.

We provide these products and services to help improve the experience of our shared patients, community providers and also continue strong relationships with other providers in our communities of care. We believe that this is a great way to serve our mission to care for all in the community.

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