Technology Infrastructure

Having a robust technology infrastructure is the foundation of a successful computerized environment. Providence St. Joseph Health extends our own time-tested and cost-effective hardware, software, network resources and services that we rely on in our own hospitals and clinics to your provider practice. That way, you’ll no long struggle with dated equipment and tools and lessen the challenges of day-to-day management and support.

Our well-funded and mature healthcare-focused technologyinfrastructure services overcome these potential challenges:

  • Outdated equipment
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Unexpected downtime
  • Disconnected communications
  • Unreliable IT support
  • Variable expenses
  • IT Consulting

    We’ll work closely with you to evaluate alternatives and determine the right solutions for your unique technology needs. Examples of our IT consulting include network assessment and design, advising on best practices, guiding towards industry-standard equipment and providing operational management recommendations. We can also conduct a thorough application review to optimize your investment. Another IT consulting service includes acting as your partner with technology and system selections, which includes bringing clarity to vendor’s IT requirements.

  • Email, Messaging and Collaboration

    Collaboration tools have dramatically changed the way we all work, boosting productivity by helping teams within hospitals and clinics work together more efficiency. Doing so creates cross-team coloration, builds trust, and positively impacts patient care and business financials.

    We deploy, manage and support our own industry-leading email, instant messaging and collaboration technology.

  • Network, Server and Workstation Solutions

    Having an unstable network, outdated equipment and disconnected software often creates too many unwelcome surprises. In our healthcare industry we especially can’t afford these surprises. We can extend to you and manage a combination of hardware (personal computers, laptops and a reliable and powerful server) and software to interface together and share data through an interconnected network.

  • Support Services

    Community Technologies relies on an ongoing partnership with our customers to ensure collaboration, success, and satisfaction. Our philosophy is to provide you with the information and support to effectively manage your provisioned technology.

    Your healthcare organization can benefit from our dedicated Information Systems (IS) expertise that includes a 24/7 x 365 Service Desk Center, 24/7 analysts on-call, service level agreements and metrics, access to our issue management system and afterhours paging to on-call Epic Service Team Specialists.

  • Telephone System

    Are you looking for a cost effective and agile phone system that eliminates the messy phone closet and frees up your IT resources? For years we’ve helped providers with the setup of equipment, wiring and transmission to ensure customer device, equipment and option compatibility. Circuit, service, and switch provisioning, as well as programming, are required to activate wireless services with customer information.