Why Choose Us

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Providence Community Technologies is inspired to connect patients, providers and communities through industry-best healthcare technology products and services to improve the health of patients and communities.

Here’s other reasons why you should choose us.

Our business model. We’re more than a vendor. A vendor only provides the software for the client to install. Our mission is to share our products and services from one provider to another. You benefit from our world-class clinical expertise, service, support, and product optimization.

Our content and expertise. Clinicians and providers from across our very large healthcare system share best practice information/data/experience that is leveraged in all of the care settings.

Our standardization. Both our product and support are standardized. Our health system has experience in deployments across every part of the healthcare continuum.

Our reciprocity. We treat our customers as we do ourselves. Over the years we’ve honed our model and best practices. Our customers experience firsthand the continuity of our expert capabilities.

Our clinical and revenue preparedness services. For Epic Connect, clinical and business informaticists prepare you for your transformation before, during, and after your go-live. These dedicated teams masterfully share their real-life clinical and revenue experiences.

Our Information Systems. The same world-class information services departments that implemented and continually enhances, optimizes, and supports our technology products and services at our Providence hospitals and clinics is also our customer’s dedicated extended team.

Our support. Examples include dedicated account managers, 24/7 IT support with Epic analysts on-call, an End User Clinical Support team, and shared access to our issues management system.

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