Epic Documentation Changes

December 20, 2019

November 10th Changes to Epic

November 10th brought many great improvements to our electronic health record (EHR); many of which focused on simplifying and easing our clinician’s documentation burden. Below are some of the top, high-level changes for nursing:

  • All Users of Flowsheets: New flowsheet search bar. Reorganization of the Intake and Output flowsheet.
  • All inpatient (IP) nurses: Required documentation– New Epic functionality prompting and guiding required Shift & Discharge documentation. Leveraging the Brain, side bar reports, or patient list reports a nurse can easily see what still needs to be documented.
  • ED/IP: Bedside Swallow Screen: The Yale Swallow Protocol is the validated bedside swallow screening tool for the system. It is now built into Epic with decision support to help provide care of these patients.
  • ED: ED end-users can now customize their Track Board View and will be able to reference an updated legend and status. ED bed utilization calculations, including NEDOC scores, will also be more accurate with the updated bed blocking categories.
  • Stroke Patients: System-wide Stroke Checklist and timers to assist in meeting clinically-significant events; Updated Stroke Patient Lists for tracking multiple stroke patients across a facility.
  • NICU: Eat, Sleep, Console for Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome is a care model that focuses on non-pharmacologic approaches to family-centered care for infants experiencing neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome.
  • Ambulatory Nurses: The InBasket now has the ability to reorganize the order of the folders. The Snapshot will allow for drag and drop of print groups.
  • Ambulatory & IP: Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) will now be folded into the history activity; this allows for the retirement of the SDOH flowsheet.
  • Patient-facing materials & some activities in Epic now display a 12-hour clock; such as the AVS, multi-provider schedule, and MyChart.


For more details of these, and other updates, please visit the Epic Learning Resources page.