Nursing Product Council

December 20, 2019

Providence Holy Family Nurses Recommend Changes to Patient Intake Cups

Earlier this year, Betty Bush, a RN Clinical Nurse Manager on the Surgical/Ortho unit at Providence Holy Family Hospital in Spokane, WA submitted a New Product Request related to patient intake cups. Specifically, Betty noted the concern with the existing product by saying “the current plastic measuring cups are incredibly hard and time-consuming to read and create a safety issue related to accuracy of output measurement.” As shown in the photo on the right, the current intake cups used translucent writing that was difficult for caregivers to read. Instead, Betty proposed using intake cups with red font to increase readability for nurses and other caregivers.

After confirming with Caregiver Health Services that red ink would be visible by caregivers who are colorblind, the Nursing Products Council Steering Committee approved this recommendation and worked with the PSJH sourcing team to negotiate better pricing for this new item. Today, thanks to the recommendation by Betty and the nursing team at Providence Holy Family Hospital, we are now using the new intake cups across the PSJH enterprise.

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