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Ed Hosono, M.D.

Accepting New Patients
Providence Pediatric Endocrinology - St. Vincent
9427 Southwest Barnes Road, Suite 395
Portland, OR 97225
Speaks: English

About Ed Hosono

“I emphasize effective communication in my practice. There is so much information available on the internet,” says Dr. Ed Hosono, M.D. “I believe that evidence-based practice and implementing the safest solution for patients are the most important parts of my care. Each condition affects every patient differently and care should be individualized.”

After graduating with a biomedical engineering degree from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Dr. Hosono worked as a software engineer at General Electric (GE) Healthcare in Chicago. Although designing and programming computer applications in medicine were captivating, he did not enjoy a working environment of sitting in front of a computer all day. He wanted to solve problems by interacting with people, listening carefully and understanding their concerns and needs.

Dr. Hosono’s background in medical technology and passion for improving people’s health led him to the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine. During his fourth year of medical school, he realized that working with children brings him so much joy and motivation. He chose to specialize in pediatric endocrinology because the field is comprised of meticulous biochemical science, advancing technology, and establishing long-term relationships with patients.

Dr. Hosono was born and grew up in Japan. He moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, as a young teenager. He, his wife, and their son love traveling and trying different cuisines. They enjoy the outdoors and maintain an active lifestyle. He loves all sports and, in his free time, can be found playing or watching ice hockey, basketball, soccer, or going on hikes with his dog Benji.
Medical School

University of Illinois at Chicago


Nicklaus Children Hospital


University of California Los Angeles

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Pediatrics, Pediatric Endocrinology
  • American Board of Pediatrics, Pediatrics
Providence Pediatric Endocrinology - St. Vincent
9427 Southwest Barnes Road, Suite 395
Portland, OR 97225
Providence Pediatric Endocrinology - Clackamas
9290 Southeast Sunnybrook Boulevard, Suite 120-2
Clackamas, OR 97015
  • Traveling
  • Trying different cuisines
  • Enjoying the outdoors
  • An active lifestyle
  • Playing and watching ice hockey, basketball, soccer,
  • Hikes