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Aubree A. Larson

Accepting New Patients
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Providence Pediatric Urology - St. Vincent
9427 Southwest Barnes Road, Suite 395
Portland, OR 97225
Speaks: English

About Aubree A. Larson

“I love getting to know my patients and their families. Forming these connections and relationships gives me the most amount of joy and fulfillment in my work,” says Aubree Larson, PA-C. “My top priority is my patients and my most important role is ensuring they receive the best possible care. I work as a team with physicians, nurses and other caregivers to ensure our patient’s health, emotional, and social needs are fully met.”

Aubree enjoys working with families and children and is committed to caring for underserved populations. She emphasizes good communication and patient education.

“It is very important for patients and their families to be active members in their health care and to have the opportunity to connect with their provider and ask questions,” she says. “I provide a safe, inclusive space for patients. My practice is built on compassion, empathy and patient engagement in order to support the well-being of my patients and community.”

Aubree has had a lifelong passion for science and biology. Following her undergraduate degree, she took a position in scientific research.

“I loved the work but didn’t love the independent nature of working in research, so I decided to volunteer in the hospital to see firsthand how my work was actually benefiting patients,” she shares. “This led me to a volunteer position in a hospice setting where I was able to engage with and support terminal patients and their families. This experience really solidified my desire to become a provider and was the motivation for me to apply to physician assistant school.”

Aubree was born in San Diego, California. She moved to Portland after college and immediately fell in love with Oregon. Aubree and her husband, Brian, welcomed their son, Arleigh, to the family in 2018. They also have a dog named Chapter who they adopted from the Oregon Humane Society. In their spare time, they enjoy being outdoors, camping in their 1971 Volkswagen bus, cooking, mountain biking and exploring. Aubree also enjoys dabbling in crafts, like sewing, leather working and knitting.
Medical School

Samuel Merritt University

Providence Pediatric Urology - St. Vincent
9427 Southwest Barnes Road, Suite 395
Portland, OR 97225
  • Being outdoors
  • Camping in their 1971 Volkswagen bus
  • Cooking
  • Mountain biking
  • Exploring
  • Dabbling in crafts, like sewing, leather working and knitting