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Brent D. Fisk, Psy.D.

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About Brent D. Fisk

Brent Fisk, PsyD, became a behavioral health provider because of the integration of the medical-home model at Providence. Through this model, he can meet with patients in a setting that’s familiar and comfortable.

Like many of his colleagues, Dr. Fisk’s approach to care is holistic, considering all domains of well-being. He believes treatment is a team approach and a collaborative partnership between the patient and all members of the care team. “For me, treatment is a collaborative process of understanding our problems, their context, and how they interact,” he says. “Together, we seek understanding as a foundation for motivation and change.”

After earning his doctoral degree in clinical psychology from George Fox University, Dr. Fisk completed an internship and residency training with Providence, serving primary care clinics and hospitals in Newberg, Molalla, Canby, and Portland, Oregon.
Graduate School

George Fox University