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Logan W. Guckien, M.D.

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4.9 | 77 Ratings | Comments
Providence Medical Group - The Plaza
5050 Northeast Hoyt Street, Suite 454
Portland, OR 97213
Speaks: English

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About Logan W. Guckien

Logan Guckien, M.D., grew up in a family filled with health care providers, and he always felt welcome in the clinic and hospital setting. Ultimately, he chose medicine because of its unique duality. “It’s a great career for those who love science but also need interpersonal connections and want to form relationships,” Dr. Guckien says. “I chose family medicine to experience these relationships across the breadth of the human condition.”

In his practice, Dr. Guckien primarily sees himself as an educator, helping patients improve their health and wellness. “I am also big on being nonjudgmental. I want my office to be a safe space to share concerns for all my patients,’ he says. What Dr. Guckien enjoys most are the long-term relationships he develops as a primary care provider. He loves practicing in a multidisciplinary environment with social work, pharmacy, and mental health services. “We learn a lot from each other,” Dr. Guckien adds. “Nothing really beats the variety you get in primary care. There’s never a dull day.” He also feels that everyone needs a primary care doctor and he strives to provide the most up-to-date information and research so his patients can make the most informed decisions regarding their health. In addition, Dr. Guckien has some specialty training in LGBTQA+ health with a focus on gender affirming care and sexual health.

Dr. Guckien earned his medical degree from Indiana University (IU) School of Medicine. He completed an internship and residency program through IU Methodist Family Medicine.

Born and raised in Indiana, Dr. Guckien moved to Portland in 2020 to start his career. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the beautiful state of Oregon with his dog, Flea, as well as hiking, reading, playing the drums, and obsessively watching over his plants.
Medical School

Indiana University


Indiana University

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Family Medicine, Family Medicine
Providence Medical Group - The Plaza
5050 Northeast Hoyt Street, Suite 454
Portland, OR 97213