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Marielke Funke, PT

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Speaks: Dutch and English

About Marielke Funke

Marielke graduated from Queen Elizabeth school of Physiotherapy, Birmingham, England, in 1990. She worked in the UK for 2 years before coming to the US as a traveling PT. After being a traveler for 14 months she took a permanent position on Fort Myers, FL for 10 years, before becoming a traveler again. After that, she took a permanent position at Providence Hospital in Medford. Her dream job always was to work in an outpatient neurology department, which is the position she has held since 2005. Her areas of special interest include vestibular disorders, amputees, stroke, MS, and Parkinsons. She is involved with the Adaptive Rowing program at Rogue Rowing in Ashland, and is a competitive Masters rower. Other interests include hiking and traveling, and eating/cooking.

Queen Elizabeth School of Physiotherapy