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Bijan Ghatan, M.D.

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Offers Video Visits
Providence Medical Institute - Carson North Primary Care
20401 Avalon Boulevard, Suite B
Carson, CA 90746
Speaks: French and English

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About Bijan Ghatan

Bijan Ghatan, M.D., believes there are two important aspects of being a physician: developing longlasting relationships with patients and practicing the latest advances in medicine. The bond between physician and patient is what keeps Dr. Ghatan excited about being a doctor.

Board-certified in internal medicine, Dr. Ghatan combines sound American and European medical practices to provide comprehensive adult internal medicine to residents in the Los Angeles area. Dr. Ghatan served as director for the primary care clinic at the former Long Beach Naval Hospital and has served on staff at major hospitals in Southern California. He is an avid supporter of preventive medicine, including proper nutrition. Dr. Ghatan doesn’t want to just treat the illnesses of his patients – he wants to help keep them healthy.
Medical School

University of London, Charring Cross Hospital Medical School, England


West Middlesex University Hospital


New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens


New York Presbyterian Hospital, NY

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine
Providence Medical Institute - Carson North Primary Care
20401 Avalon Boulevard, Suite B
Carson, CA 90746