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About Eric L. Mizrahi

“Doc” as he is most often referred to, is a very resourceful former US Army trained MedEvac Battalion surgeon, who has dedicated his life to optimizing the health and well being of his soldiers, friends, family and patients. He has an uncanny ability to deeply relate to each individual in such an immediate and enduring way that many seem to be instantly healed by his words alone. He speaks in analogies and hence in impactful pictures that linger and echo long after initial moment. When words are not enough, he becomes inventive and is quite adept at thinking outside the box. As a control freak / risk-averse individual he readily calculates risks benefits and assesses and analyzes situations in a multidimensional computer-like fashion and decisively executes his plans on the fly. Nothing shakes him as he has unshakable faith in God and sees all situations as opportunities to excel and experience the wonder of possibilities. You will find him at ease and actually at his best in the Intensive Care Unit, or the Operating Room, but equally comfortable in the office or the field. Doc feels absolutely bullet proof as he walks life’s many paths because he has cultivated the ultimate village (support system) and team that range from Nobel Laureate to noted scientists, physicians, artists and titans of industry, and everyday folks that make the world go around. His bedside manner is misconstrued by many because he is blunt; doesn’t mince words. He is brutally honest, and always tells his patient the truth, good or bad, yet he is kind and well intentioned. He will end all encounters with a reassuring hug, letting you know that you are in good hands and everything will be all right! He always strives to do the right thing, but will gently bend the rules if it is necessary to level the playing field and benefit his patients. He is known as a true patient advocate and lives his belief that the patient always comes first no matter what! He is a forever fixture and the doctor’s doctor. More Guru than doctor, he pursues his higher purpose as well as helping patients find theirs, over chasing profits.
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Providence Saint John's Health Center