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Mary E. Kuebrich, ARNP

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4.9 | 103 Ratings | Comments
Providence Medical Group - Northeast
5050 Northeast Hoyt Street, Suite 540
Portland, OR 97213
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About Mary E. Kuebrich

Mary Beth Kuebrich is a geriatric nurse practitioner who specializes in primary care for adults over age 65. She is also a member of the Senior Health Program for Providence’s Oregon Region, which aims to improve care for older adults across the organization. In her practice, Mary Beth emphasizes wellness through disease prevention, chronic disease management, and healthy living. She believes her most important role is to empower patients and their families to reach their health goals in a complex health care environment. “Listening to and understanding my patients’ goals is key,” she says. “Together we can develop plans that focus on healthy aging and quality of life.” Before she became a nurse practitioner, Mary Beth worked as a registered nurse for nearly ten years. “I worked mostly with older adults and love caring for this population,” she explains. “I feel honored to know each of my patients and share in their rich life experiences.” Mary Beth earned her undergraduate degree in nursing at the University of Portland and completed her master’s degree in science at the University of Michigan, specializing in Adult-Geriatric Primary Care. Born and raised in Albany, Oregon, Mary Beth enjoys the Pacific Northwest outdoors. When not at work, she enjoys hiking, cooking, gardening, and spending time with her family.
School Of Nursing

University of Michigan
Geriatric Medicine

Providence Medical Group - Northeast
5050 Northeast Hoyt Street, Suite 540
Portland, OR 97213