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Erin M. McLaughlin

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Alaska Behavioral Health
4020 Folker Street
Anchorage, AK 99508
Speaks: English

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About Erin M. McLaughlin

Erin McLaughlin is a licensed professional counselor in Anchorage, Alaska. She holds a Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Northern Iowa. She works with people from a diversity of life experiences and backgrounds. Erin has had a particular emphasis in working with people with developmental disabilities and their families, with a long-term background in cultural anthropology and nature-assisted and adventure-based mental health. Erin has treated people with a variety of mental health diagnoses such as autism, depression, anxiety, dissociation, posttraumatic stress disorder, bipolar, neurodevelopmental differences, grief, and various adjustment disorders. She also has experience treating the associated behavioral issues such as suicidal and homicidal ideations, cutting, eating issues, anger, family and peer conflict, social isolation, high-risk behavior, safety and vulnerability concerns, sexual abuse and other abuse victimizations. Erin works with people in a variety of settings including individually, as couples, families, and in groups. Some of the therapeutic approaches she utilizes in an eclectic style include play therapy, art and music therapies, EMDR, REBT, general CBT, DBT, Sensorimotor psychotherapy, psychodynamic, person centered, systems, and Adlerian, as well as a Gottman approach with couples and an attachment and developmental based approach in working with children and families. Erin’s passion for this vocation stems from her deep held belief in the common humanity within each of us and each person’s ability to grow and heal and strengthen resiliency from within.
Bachelor Of Arts

Pacific Lutheran University

Master Of Arts

University of Northern Iowa
Mental Health Counseling

Alaska Behavioral Health
4020 Folker Street
Anchorage, AK 99508