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Alexander Bonakdar, OD

Accepting New Patients
Eye Care Center of Orange County
801 North Tustin Avenue, Suite 404
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Speaks: English

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About Alexander Bonakdar

After completing his secondary education in Switzerland, Dr. Bonakdar attended University of Massachusetts at Amherst. There received his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in 1987.
Dr. Bonakdar was the only undergraduate chemist at the University who was involved in research. His research was based in polymer chemistry, more specifically discotic liquid crystals. In September of 1987, Dr. Bonakdar moved to Chicago to pursue his education in vision sciences and his doctorate degree.

Dr. Bonakdar received his doctorate degree with honors from Illinois College of Optometry in May 1991.
Following the completion of his Doctorate in 1991, Dr. Bonakdar completed an ocular disease residency rotation at the prestigious Bascom Palmer Eye hospital in Miami, Florida where he was involved in the earliest studies related to Excimer Laser. Dr. Bonakdar moved to Southern California in the spring of 1994 to join Laser Eye Center, as chief of optometric and refractive consultative services. There he followed thousands of refractive surgeries, where he gained invaluable experience in managing RK, ALK, Excimer Laser Photoabaltion (PRK) and LASIK, Cataract and Corneal Transplant patients.

In 1995 he was named medical director of the Contact Lens Center in Santa Ana and Newport Beach. In 2001 the Contact Lens Center name was changed to Optometric Eyecare Center of Orange County to more accurately reflect the services offered at the center. He has been practicing here since 1995. His areas of expertise are keratoconus, Post surgical corneal rehabilitation, orthokeratology, corneal molding and use of scleral lens for treatment of severe dry eyes in Sjogren's syndrome and other auto-immune diseases.

In 2015 Dr Bonakdar qualified to be board certified and received the tile of "Diplomate" by the American Board of Optometry, an achievement few practitioners can qualify for and pass the high bar set by the Board.
Dr. Bonakdar is also a member of American Optometric Society, California Optometric Society, American Academy of Optometry, American Society of Cataract and Refractive surgery. Dr. Bonakdar is the past chairman of Orange County Optometric Society and is board certified and a Diplomate of American Board of Optometry.
Medical School

Illinois College of Optometry


Bascom Palmer Eye Institute


Laser Eye Center

Eye Care Center of Orange County
801 North Tustin Avenue, Suite 404
Santa Ana, CA 92705
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