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Michele Carpenter, MD

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Regents of the University of California - Orange
1010 West La Veta Avenue, Suite 475
Orange, CA 92868
Speaks: English

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About Michele Carpenter

Dr. Michele Carpenter has dedicated her professional practice entirely to breast cancer diagnosis and care.

Dr. Carpenter earned her M.D. from Georgetown University. After General Surgery residency at Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego, CA, she spent one year aboard the USS Acadia as the Chief Medical Officer and served in the US Navy for 10 years. She then worked for Scripps Clinic Medical Group for 11 years where she was the Breast Program director. She was also a Clinical Instructor and Lecturer for the BCEDP Proficiency in Breast Examination Course for California Department of Health Services, and a Clinical Advisor and Consultant for Clinical Breast Protocols for the Cancer Detection Section of California Department of Health Services, and a Board Member of the American Cancer Society Breast Health Initiative Team. She has continued her association with San Diego breast care with her role as the Medical Director of the LBL Breast Cancer Support Group. She has also been president of San Diego Society of General Surgeons and San Diego Surgical Society. She continues to be a reviewer and a member of the Ultrasound Committee for the American Society of Breast Surgeons, and has coauthored and participated as the principle investigator for several studies in IORT for breast cancer and cooperative group trials at the center.

She is currently the Program Director for the Breast Program at St. Joseph’s Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment in Orange, California. She is Immediate Past Chief of Staff. She has been Chief of the General Surgery Section and Surgery Department Chair as well as Credentials Chair and OR Committee Chairperson and Chief of Staff at St. Joseph Hospital of Orange.
Medical School

Georgetown University


Naval Hospital San Diego


University if Scranton

Regents of the University of California - Orange
1010 West La Veta Avenue, Suite 475
Orange, CA 92868
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Breast Program - St. Joseph Hospital Orange
St. Joseph Hospital, Orange