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Ashraf G. Fahim, MD

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About Ashraf G. Fahim

I graduated from Alexandria University School of Medicine. During my career as a pediatrician, I have worked with two well-known medical groups, and in two hospitals until I decided to take over San Juan Pediatrics.

It has been my motto as a pediatrician to first do no harm, take nothing for granted, think things through carefully, and come up with the proper solution for the children’s health-benefit and advantage.

As a pediatrician and father, I am dedicated to the  health and well-being of children and am committed to the prevention  and treatment of pediatric problems. I also value  the personal  relationships I have with my patients and their families. One of the  most rewarding aspects of my profession is being able to see my patients and their families grow and develop over the years.
Medical School

Alexandria University School of Medicine


Jersey Shore Medical Center

Affiliated Locations

Mission Hospital, Laguna Beach
Mission Hospital, Mission Viejo