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Loida Guevarra, MD

Accepting New Patients
Loida Gueverra, MD
12760 Hesperia Road, Suite A
Victorville, CA 92395
Speaks: Tagalog, Spanish, and English

About Loida Guevarra

Each Patient we see in our office is treated like a family member. We aim to give him/her the same care, concern, and attention we otherwise would give to our love ones.

Dr. Loida Guevarra is a Board Certified Family Practitioner whose special interests include childhood & adolescent development, weight management, preventive care, geriatric concerns, women's issues, and behavioral health.

What do you feel is the biggest reward of a career in medicine?
Being "accepted & treated" as a family member by patients & their families. Being involved in their health/emotional/personal issues.

Why did you select a career in medicine?
Interest in science, biology, botany, math classes in school as well as love of reading.

What are some activities/hobbies you like to participate in during your free time?
Aerobic exercise, swimming, hiking, reading, ballroom dancing.

Age Limitations:
Children: 0 - 19
Adolescents: 13 -19
Adults: 18 - older

Medical School

UERM Memorial Medical Center


King Drew Medical Center


University of Texas Health Center

Loida Gueverra, MD
12760 Hesperia Road, Suite A
Victorville, CA 92395
Affiliated Locations

St. Mary Medical Center