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Sam Huang, MD

Medical Oncology Care Associates - Orange
1010 West La Veta Avenue, Suite 250
Orange, CA 92868
Speaks: English

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About Sam Huang

Dr. Huang joined Medical Oncology Care Associates in 1997. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biochemistry from Cornell University and graduated with distinction in 1987. He went on to complete his medical education and degree at Cornell in 1991. Dr. Huang then finished his residency training in Internal Medicine and fellowship training in Hematology and Oncology at UCI Medical Center.

Dr. Huang has extensive experience working with various types of cancer and their corresponding conventional chemotherapies. In addition, he has two years of intensive training in high-dosed chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation. His warm, friendly smile and his very caring nature make Dr. Huang a pleasure to be around. He is a perfect fit to the team at Medical Oncology Care Associates.

In his free time, Dr. Huang spends time enjoying his daughter, Samantha. He loves distance running, playing basketball and spending time at the beach. He also enjoys playing the violin, which he has done for nearly 30 years.
Medical School

Cornell University Medical College


University of California- Irvine


University of California- Irvine


University of California- Irvine

Medical Oncology Care Associates - Orange
1010 West La Veta Avenue, Suite 250
Orange, CA 92868
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