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Haygoush Kalinian, PhD

Accepting New Patients

About Haygoush Kalinian

I value and respect others, and place my patients needs first. It is a priviledge to serve those in need of my services. My philosophy is to treat the whole person, not just the disorder.

Helping others achieve their full potential and grow from each experience. Patients do not cease to amaze me with their resilience, especailly when faced with multiple challenges.

Prior to specializing in clinical neuropsychology, I worked as a CT/MRI technologist. It was during this time that my curiosity about brain-behavior relationship piqued. Questions such as what are the effects of brain abnormality (e.g. tumor, stroke, head injury, etc.) on a person's quality of life led me to a career in neuropsychology.

Traveling, snorkeling, reading, music, arts, and exploring new cultures


University of California Davis Medical Center Veterans Affairs Medical Center


University of California- San Francisco

Professional Associations

National Academy of Neuropsychology
Affiliated Locations

Mission Hospital, Laguna Beach
Mission Hospital, Mission Viejo