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John Maggiano, MD

Accepting New Patients
Orange County Retina Medical Group - Santa Ana
1200 North Tustin Avenue, Suite 140
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Speaks: English

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About John Maggiano

John M. Maggiano, M.D. has a long and distinguished career in vitreoretinal surgery. He received a prestigious National Eye Institute grant during his first retinal fellowship at the University of Illinois. Dr. Maggiano’s second fellowship year was in Milwaukee at the highly respected Eye Institute of the Medical College of Wisconsin. He was the first person formally trained in modern vitreous surgery in Orange County and has established a number of surgical techniques and retinal diagnostic tests new to Orange County ophthalmology.
Dr. Maggiano is active academically as an Associate Clinical Professor at Western University in Pomona and enjoys teaching resident physicians on a regular basis. His current practice interests include clinical trials for the newest treatments in macular degeneration, development of new technology for retinal diagnostics, treatment, and research.
Dr. Maggiano conducts meetings with physicians, nurses, professional organizations, and public groups on a local, national, and international basis. Dr. Maggiano is active in the Macula Society, American Society of Retina Specialists, and FDA clinical research studies. He is also a medical-legal expert witness for Ophthalmology and has participated in legal cases and trials across eight states.
Dr. Maggiano was born in Ohio and raised in Orange County where he currently lives in North Tustin. He is married with two children. His pastimes include golf and enology.
Orange County Retina Medical Group - Santa Ana
1200 North Tustin Avenue, Suite 140
Santa Ana, CA 92705
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St. Joseph Hospital, Orange