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Steven Neudorf, MD

Accepting New Patients

About Steven Neudorf

Dr. Steven Neudorf is a CHOC Children’s Specialist in pediatric oncology, specializing in cancer.

Dedicated to his patients and research in blood and marrow transplants and pediatric leukemia, Dr Neudorf has published more than 50 papers, abstracts, and other publications. He is working with his associates at CHOC Children’s and UC Irvine to improve outcomes following transfusions and to discover new agents and therapies for acute leukemia. Dr. Neudorf has specialized expertise in stem-cell transplantation.

Dr. Neudorf is board certified in pediatrics and pediatric hematology/oncology. Prior to joining CHOC Children’s, Dr. Neudorf attended medical school at Chicago Medical School in Illinois. He served his residency training in pediatrics and completed his fellowship in pediatric immunology/bone marrow transplant at University of Minnesota.
Affiliated Locations

St. Joseph Hospital, Orange