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Steven F. Stanowicz, MD

Accepting New Patients
Steven Stanowicz, MD
1506 East Chapman Avenue
Orange, CA 92866
Speaks: English

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About Steven F. Stanowicz

Dr. Stanowicz graduated from Rutgers University and State University of New York Medical School. He completed his internship at UCI in Internal Medicine and a Dermatology residency at UCLA where he was Chief Resident. He has been a Clinical Associate Professor at UCI for over 20 years teaching dermatologic surgery. His medical interests lie in surgical dermatology, especially treatment of skin cancer. Dr. Stanowicz is Board certified in Dermatology, a member of the American College of MOHS Micrographic Surgery and Cutaneous Oncology. He is also a member of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and the American Academy of Dermatology. Dr. Stanowicz and his wife, Joy, have five adult children.
Medical School

Downstate Medical Center


Orange County Medical Center


UCLA Hospital


Dermatologic Society of Orange City

Steven Stanowicz, MD
1506 East Chapman Avenue
Orange, CA 92866
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St. Joseph Hospital, Orange