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Nicolle Bugescu, PhD

Accepting New Patients
Fullerton Neuropsychological Services
385 Imperial Highway
Fullerton, CA 92835
Speaks: Romanian and English

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About Nicolle Bugescu

Nicolle Bugescu, PhD is a licensed clinical pediatric psychologist who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation, working with children and adolescents that have sustained a concussion, traumatic brain injury, stroke, or spinal cord injury. Dr. Bugescu’s clinical and research interests include working with children with both medical and psychological concerns. Her areas of expertise also include working with children with anxiety, behavioral challenges, picky eating or feeding disorders and ARFID (Avoidant-Restrictive food intake disorder), pain management, chronic pain, and stress management.

Dr. Bugescu completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at PGSP. She also received clinical and research training at the Stanford University School of Medicine and the University of California, San Francisco. She completed her internship in pediatric psychology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the Ohio State University College of Medicine, and she completed her fellowship in pediatric psychology at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

Nationwide Children's Hospital


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Children's Hospital of Orange County

Doctor Of Philosophy In Clinical Psychology

Palo Alto University

Fullerton Neuropsychological Services
385 Imperial Highway
Fullerton, CA 92835
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