Caregiver Giving Campaign

How does my contribution help?

As a non-profit organization, we rely on charitable giving to make a positive, direct impact on the care we provide, by providing resources to enhance and strengthen our programs and services.

The Annual System Caregiver Campaign is an opportunity for you to join your fellow caregivers in making a donation in support of one (or more) of these important efforts:

Global Partnerships
Caregivers donations help extent our Mission to serve the poor and vulnerable in Guatemala and Mexico, including providing safe water, sanitation and clean-burning stoves.

Homeless Community Outreach

Your support will provide food, school supplies and other essential resources to those in need in the Seattle/Renton area.

Addressing the Social Determinants of Health
Caregivers support will help further the work being done in our communities to address mental health & wellness and the upstream issues leading to homelessness and housing instability. Your donations will help move the needle as we partner, invest and advocate for change in these critical areas.

Education Initiatives
Caregiver donations will fund scholarships for employees furthering their education at the University of Providence and other education initiatives.

Helping Hands - Caregiver Assistance Fund
The Helping Hands program is available to provide financial assistance and free financial counseling to caregivers who are experiencing unforeseeable financial emergencies. It is intended to provide a source of modest and temporary financial assistance.