Thank you to our brave caregivers

Thank you to our brave caregivers

We want to extend a heartfelt thank-you for giving your all, day in and day out, to care for your patients and colleagues. Over this past year, caregivers have pulled together across our family of organizations to get the job done. We are all in this together; this is our Mission in action.

Providence ministries and affiliates put into place a number of programs and temporary benefits to care for you during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our priority was to provide a safety-net so everyone would have a paycheck and needed support during the crisis and potential surges in our communities.

Here’s an update about benefits and programs supporting you going forward. 

Not an employee? Visit our coronavirus resources site.

Protecting our caregivers with new and extended benefits

Note: changes for union-represented caregivers may be subject to bargaining.  

  • If you are enrolled in a medical plan administered by Providence Health Plan, Kaiser of Washington HMO and First Care in Texas, the 100% coverage for in-network medical care for COVID-19 treatment for caregivers and your family members enrolled in our medical plans has been extended through March 31, 2022.
  • For Southern California: if you are enrolled in a Blue Shield-insured medical plan, all in-network copays, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs related to COVID-19 treatment are waived for you and your enrolled family members from Jan. 1, 2022 through March 31, 2022. 
  • If you have questions about your coverage or claims, please contact the customer service number listed on the back of your medical ID card.
  • As a reminder, approved COVID-19 vaccines and testing are covered at 100% for all of the medical plans we offer.
  • Up to two days total of paid pandemic administrative leave for caregivers who miss scheduled shifts due to COVID-like vaccine side effects within 48 hours of receiving either the first or second dose. And up to one day for the booster.
Introducing Lyra: Easier access to counseling support is here 
New and enhanced Caregiver Assistance Program with Behavioral Health Concierge access

Lyra is our new Caregiver Assistance Program for employed caregivers and/or eligible family members. If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, are struggling in a relationship, or have a child who needs support, Lyra can help:

  • Up to 25 counseling or coaching sessions per eligible member per year.
  • Easy online sign-up, scheduling, and options to meet in-person or via live video.
  • Lyra matches you with the best therapists and coaches who work with your schedule, including in person, live video and self-guided care.
  • Realtime availability is frequently updated online for many providers or try Lyra's video coaching or self-care apps.
Get started here.
Bright Horizons back-up child and elder care

We want to help ease your way with finding safe and alternative child care options for days when you are scheduled to work and your regular care is unexpectedly unavailable. Bright Horizons Back-Up Care provides access to back-up care for your children, adult and elder family members during a lapse or breakdown in normal care arrangements. Learn more.   

Domestic violence resources

Staying home due to COVID-19 may be unsafe for people experiencing abuse; victims locked down with abusers are prone to continued violence and unable to reach out easily for help. Across our Providence family of organizations, we want all caregivers to feel supported and safe – especially those who are not safe at home.

We encourage you to share these resources with colleagues if you suspect a team member is dealing with this issue. Get help now if you or a loved one is suffering from domestic violence.

Fidelity retirement resources

Fidelity remains an important resource caregivers can turn to for reassurance and assistance with financial wellness concerns. Here are some tools to help caregivers weather the volatile market during the COVID-19 crisis:

Tap into well-being resources

All caregivers are encouraged to take advantage of the well-being and mental health services available through the Caregiver Assistance Program. Please visit our new COVID-19 caregiver well-being resource page for information on available support, including emergency financial assistance. This page will soon have a dedicated mental health triage guide, so you may quickly evaluate your emotional health and receive information about resources targeted for your level of need.

Rate your stress; connect with resources

We care about your well-being and understand that preparing for and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic has created stress across the organization. We created a Stress Meter so you can rate your stress and get connected to free resources to manage stress and maintain resilience during these extraordinary times.

Virtual Calming Room

If you’re looking for a virtual place to focus on calming activities such as meditation, soothing playlists, yoga programs, online brain games and even videos of animals, visit our Choose Well partner calming room.

Self-care, death and grief (powered by Providence Institute for Human Caring)

Processing multiple losses, and experiencing prolonged exposure to caring for sick and traumatized patients, can be overwhelming.  In recognition of the impact these unprecedented times are having on our caregivers, this library of resources offers ideas about how to support them, decrease their isolation, offer them a safe place to express their feelings and create opportunities to establish rituals recognizing loss.


This is a digital wellness and empowerment hub, anti-stigma campaign, and social movement created by Providence and the Well Being Trust to assist youth in achieving better mental health and wellness. The hub includes curriculum, resources, social activities, a think tank and crisis line integration for teens, parents and families. The goal is to meet the increasing mental health and digital wellness needs of our youth and to help parents understand how to have these hard but necessary conversations brought on by the COVID-19 crisis. Visit to learn more. 

Swedish information and response to COVID-19

Our caregivers at Swedish have a hub that provides all the latest information and updates related to COVID-19 including communications updates, data and reporting, PPE, caregiver health and patient care updates. Access the Swedish COVID-19 Hub.

Stay Home public service announcement 

To highlight our caregivers’ extraordinary care during the COVID-19 crisis and to encourage the public to stay at home to slow the spread of the virus, we are spearheading a national public service announcement campaign. We created a series of Providence-branded videos, photos and other content showing the reality of life on the frontlines of the pandemic to use in digital and social media.

We invite you to submit your photos and videos of yourself and other caregivers that capture the gravity of this crisis and the dedication of our caregivers. Ideas include a selfie after a long shift or a group photo with your colleagues.

Caregiver thank you

We want to thank all the frontline healthcare workers that have been actively helping in this crisis. We, and our patients, want you to know that we are grateful for all our heroes, the medical and support teams working around the clock to help in this time of need. We asked people to send thank you messages and this is where you can see them:


During this unprecedented health care crisis, we’re shoring up donations from individuals, corporations and foundations to expand COVID-19 testing and clinical trials, help provide necessary supplies such as personal protective equipment, and build up a financial safety net for our caregivers. Learn how to help.

Gratitude Garden

The Swedish Wellness website provides easy access to all current resources for addressing mental health and well-being. The goal is to promote holistic wellness by harnessing the power of gratitude and compassion, and to socialize the concepts of mindfulness, meaningful connections, mobility and mastery for individual and team wellness. For us to be there and serve our patients and communities, it is important that we commit to being well ourselves, to build resilience and to strengthen our cores.

Find a testing collection site near you

We launched a new centralized website that lists all of our testing collection sites across Providence. This online resource features a map-based interface where consumers can enter their zip code to find the closest testing centers. Information is updated every 10 minutes and includes custom messaging from the clinic providing the testing service, such as capacity, and if an appointment is required or walk-ins are available. Available in English and Spanish, the site is being shared with patients after getting triaged by a provider or via our online virtual assessment tool. See Providence COVID-19 Testing Centers.

COVID-19 lab testing locations

Providence Laboratory Services, our Oregon regional lab, is increasing its COVID-19 test capacity to 750 tests a day with a 24-hour turnaround time for results after specimens arrive at the lab. Other facilities commercially available to provide lab testing include LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics (orders are available in Epic and Meditech), and the University of Washington virology lab. In addition to these facilities, we have compiled a complete list of lab testing facilities across our ministries, including requirements and turnaround times. See Lab Testing Resource Page.

Recommendations for COVID-19 testing

To help with lab testing capacity constraints, we are recommending lab testing for three broad categories listed in order of priority: 1) inpatients and symptomatic health care workers, 2) residents of skilled nursing facilities and large senior living communities, and 3) outpatients that are high risk or participating in a study protocol. It is also recommended that providers test only persons with symptoms compatible with COVID-19 where a diagnostic result will change clinical management or inform the public health response. Read Testing Guidelines.

We know you may have questions and are looking for information about how best to do your job and keep current with any clinical changes, innovations or policy updates. We will continue to update this page with clinical resource information on COVID-19 response as it becomes available.

You are the Mission

It’s normal to not feel okay during highly stressful and emotional times like these. As health care professionals, our focus is usually on the health and wellbeing of others. Yet we know to provide the best care to others, we must first care for ourselves.

If you are concerned about a colleague, or have concerns about your own wellbeing, resources are available. Common signs that extra support may be useful include excessive worrying, insomnia, becoming withdrawn, chronic fatigue, feeling  hopeless, and drug or alcohol misuse, among others. If you’re seeing these signs in others, or feeling them yourself, resources are available. If issues such as depression, substance abuse or thoughts of self-harm gain strength, it’s important to seek support.

Accessing resources available through Providence is an easy first-step for providers and caregivers to find meaningful support so they can be at their best and give their best to those they serve. Many of these resources are available to providers who practice at Providence, but are not employed directly by our organization. Those resources are noted with an asterisk (*).

  • Physician Support Line* (for physicians only) - This is a hotline specifically for MDs coping with stress during this stressful time. Staffed by hundreds of volunteer psychiatrists. Two Providence providers recently shared their personal thoughts on suicide, and their recovery journey. Watch “Breaking the Silence” below.
    Note: this resource is not a part of the Providence health system.
  • Nursing World: Well-Being Tools and Resources* (for nurses only) - Sponsored by ANA Enterprise (an association of American Nurses Association, American Nurses Credentialing Center and American Nurses Foundation)
    Note: this resource is not a part of the Providence health system.
  • Behavioral Health Concierge Service* - Caring for caregivers is a priority for our organization as we tackle burnout and other challenges head-on. Free, compassionate, and confidential behavioral health services are available to caregivers and their dependents, often same-day or next-day through this unique telehealth service.
  • Stress Meter* - The toll of stress can be profound, and support may be needed now more than ever. Selecting the right program for you has never been easier. The Stress Meter rates the level of stress you’re feeling and connects you with the corresponding resources. That way you get the right level of support for what you may be experiencing now.
  • Caregiver Assistance Program - Need someone to talk about what keeps you up at night? Optum offers a large mental health provider network, and industry-leading digital tools and resources. Free, confidential resources and support are available for you and your family. (Alaska caregivers: look for the Lyra program instead.) Click “Caregiver Assistance Resources” on Choose Well
  • No One Cares Alone (Caregiver Support Program) - We need your help to make sure none of our caregivers feel like they are caring alone.  Connect with your fellow caregivers to find common ground and support.
  • TeleSpiritual Health - When you need a prayer for strength or a listening ear, our spiritual care team is here for you. Email to request an appointment.

If you’re worried accessing service can impact your licensure, privacy laws apply uniformly to all protected health information, including access to mental health services. Learn more.

Good mental health is essential to provide compassionate care to everyone we serve. Providence is committed to improve the mental health and wellbeing of our caregivers, and to deliver on our promise of health for a better world.

Additional Wellness Resources for Employees and our Communities

We understand the stress the COVID-19 pandemic is having on our communities and the impact quarantine may be having on your mental and physical health. Whether it’s tips on working from home, the importance of physical exercise, the value of community and so much more, we're connecting you to resources to help you through this challenging time.

Explore our Wellness Resources