Hear Me Now

Hear Me Now is a partnership with the Providence Institute for Human Caring and StoryCorps to record interviews with patients, family and caregivers. Storytelling and listening have proven clinical value, and are keys to whole person care, which addresses emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial comfort, as well as medical needs of the people we serve.

Latest stories from Southern California, Alaska, Montana, and Washington:

Southern California

A soulful force

Chaplain Denise Hess worked alongside palliative care nurse Marianne Ayala for years. Denise, who has moved on to a new role in a different state, shares her belief that science and spirituality can coexist in health care, and how she is determined to serve as a harmonizing agent.


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Feeding Body and Soul

Marina Preece Cummiskey

When Jackie Beck nursed her adopted 4-day-old baby boy for the first time, it was an experience as nourishing for his soul as it was for his body. Jackie recounts the profound bonding experience with Heather Preece, founder of Kodiak KINDNESS, a program that offers free infant feeding support to families. Heather remarks that the moment was the highlight of her career.


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Gimme shelter

Kenny Flaherty, a guest at St. Patrick House and patient at Providence St. Patrick Hospital, and relief coordinator Aaron Hoppe examine the miracle of treating people as whole persons, rather than as a sum of their diagnoses, and reflect on the Irish proverb, “It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.”


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