Montana Stories

Gimme shelter

Kenny Flaherty, a guest at St. Patrick House and patient at Providence St. Patrick Hospital, and relief coordinator Aaron Hoppe examine the miracle of treating people as whole persons, rather than as a sum of their diagnoses, and reflect on the Irish proverb, “It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.”

Ode to a ‘wild child’

Nurse Harriet Mentzer reveals to chaplain Gail Greener her experience raising a willful daughter she dubbed “a wild child.” The young girl found redemption and turned her life around. But then tragedy struck.

‘My mommy lives in jail’

Production Credit: StoryCorps

Fran Albrecht, executive director of Providence Montana Health Foundation, shares with Molly Adamson, development officer for the foundation, how the poignant story of a little girl from a broken home helped motivate and inspire her to serve others.