Washington Stories

Journey to confidence

Mount St. Vincent caregiver Chime Ohdon tells Chaplain Cleo Molina about her childhood in Tibet and a treacherous month-long journey to Nepal following her mother’s death. Welcomed by the Dalai Lama, her life travels took her to India and eventually to the United States.

Memory loss and laughter

Helene Walling shares with Mary Mitchell her struggle with memory loss and how she continues to engage her mind. Through all the challenges, Helene maintains a positive outlook and uses humor to deal with her situation.

All in the family

Patient Lynn Taylor tells caregiver Eileen McCloskey about being adopted and her gratitude for her adoptive parents. They were full of love and patience and showed kindness toward other children. Through adoptions and fostering, the family grew to 19 children.

Animal attraction

Heidi Gold has lived with a form of bone disease since birth. With limited mobility, she’s made it her life’s work to train dogs to help people, like her, who use wheelchairs to get around. She shares with Mary Mitchell a story of how her first dog, Nanook, helped her find joy.

Honoring Mom and Dad

Amy Compton-Phillips, M.D., executive vice president and chief clinical officer at Providence St. Joseph Health, and her husband, Louis, reveal what it was like losing both sets of parents within several years and the lessons learned.

Delivered from despair

Transitional care unit patient Mike Roth, recovering from multiple hip replacements that have been occasioned by recurring MRSA infections, shares with Story Squires and Pam Sipos of Providence Mount St. Vincent in Seattle how an abusive and deprived childhood led him to devote his life to service for others.