Integrative Care

Covenant Children’s understands that healing requires a commitment to a child’s emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. The mission of the Department of Integrative Care is to provide developmental, educational, and expressive opportunities through play and the creative arts to help our children and families better cope with illness, hospitalization, and recovery.

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Music therapy

Music has a strong impact on our mental, physical, neurological, and emotional state. Music therapists receive specialized university training, including a six- month clinical internship and certification exam, in order to best use music to help children meet their treatment goals.

Storyteller’s Studio

Part of the music therapy program, Storyteller’s Studio is a safe and supportive space to be creative, express feelings, or just have fun. The music and songwriting recording studio has musical instruments to play and explore including guitars, ukuleles, keyboard, and an electric drum kit. A music therapist assists patients to improvise music, write original songs or record their own CD to take home.

Child Life specialists

Child Life specialists are trained professionals who help children cope with the stress and uncertainty of illness, injury, disability, and hospitalization.

Our Child Life specialists strive to reduce the negative impact of stressful or traumatic life events and situations that affect the development, health and well- being of infants, children, youth and families. We embrace the healing power of play and work to enhance the growth and development of infants, children and youth. We do this through assessment, intervention, prevention, advocacy and education.

Child Life services

Child Life services include:

  • Preparation for medical procedures, tests or surgeries
  • Developmentally appropriate education about diagnosis, treatments and medical environment
  • Assistance with developing coping strategies, distraction and/or support during stressful events
  • Opportunities to explore real medical equipment through (medical play)
  • Developmentally appropriate activities and toys for patients
  • Support and education geared toward siblings of hospitalized patients
  • End-of-life support to patient and family as well as bereavement support for family members
  • Celebrations of birthdays, medical milestones, and holidays

Members of our Child Life staff hold degrees and training in the growth and development of children as well as professional certifications.

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