Due to the COVID-19, ALL shadowing has been cancelled until further notice.

Covenant School of Nursing is offering shadowing for any RN student that might not have had enough time or any time on a floor that they are interested in. This shadowing program will be a three hour shift on the floor that is assigned to the prospective shadower. The requirements for shadowing are:

  1. 18 years old
  2. In the last semester of an RN program

The prospective shadower has to have both requirements to qualify for our shadowing program.

The prospective shadower will have the responsibility of picking up their shadowing badge the day before their scheduled date to shadow from the recruiter at the front desk of our location at 1919 Frankford Ave. As soon as the shadower has completed their shadowing experience, the shadower will need to bring their badge back to Covenant School of Nursing that day. Failure to return the badge that day will result in the shadower not being able to shadow with our program until the badge has been returned.

There will be no shadowing during the months of September and October.