Little Miracles Initiative

Providence Holy Cross Medical Center believes that everyone in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys deserves access to world-class health care close to home. We also believe that newborns who require extra help at birth to make a healthy start in life deserve every advantage they need to thrive.

We are enthusiastically undertaking a $6.4M initiative to expand and modernize our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to better serve the thousands of new or growing families who rely on us for care each year.

Newborns who arrive prematurely need the highest level of care to continue their healthy development. Preemies who arrive as early as 23 weeks and weigh as little as 1.1 pounds require sophisticated technology and round-the-clock attention from physicians and nurses with highly specialized training.

There is truly no one more in need of our help than these innocent newborns.

With your support, we will expand the size of our existing NICU by 50 percent, increasing our capacity from 12 incubators to 18, and providing for the modernization of our existing technology. As we grow our physical space, we also plan to offer password-protected web cam access so that authorized friends and family can see their newborn from a remote location. This piece of technology provides tremendous solace for loved ones who can’t travel to the hospital – as well as for parents who gain 24-hour access to their child.

Providence Holy Cross is the only medical center offering a Level III NICU in our area. The few alternatives are many miles away and the distance can be daunting for frightened parents. One of the last things a parent wants to hear is that their newborn has to be transferred to a distant hospital in order to be treated, and that their family will be separated if mom is also recuperating from the delivery. Unfortunately, we are currently at full capacity almost all of the time.

In order to serve the projected demand from our community for the next 5-10 years, this expansion is vital.

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Providence Holy Cross is investing where our community needs it most – in expanded facilities, sophisticated technology and new education and training opportunities for our NICU patients and caregivers. We look forward to partnering with our community to achieve a transformation in newborn health care.

We are increasing our capacity by 50 percent: from 12 beds to 18

  • Our community continues to grow and we are committed to keeping pace with your needs. Increasing our NICU by 50 percent will enable us to meet your needs for the next 5-10 years.
  • To limit disruption, we have a thoughtful plan to expand our current floor plan in three smaller stages.
  • When completed, parents will no longer face the prospect of their child being transferred to another hospital that is further away while mom continues to recuperate at PHC.

Nurse soothes newborn in NICUWe are upgrading to the latest generation of technology and equipment

  • GE/Phillips Giraffe Omnibed Carestation: These sophisticated incubators provide a nurturing and protective environment that simulates a mother’s womb. It also can serve as a sophisticated surgical bay should the baby require a procedure within a precisely controlled environment.
  • Natus NICView Webcam System: One of the best ways to give parents comfort despite feeling separated from their child is to offer a secure, password-protected video link that operates 24 hours per day. Parent decide who gets access, and friends and family from any location can sign in to see how baby is doing.
  • Timeless Breastmilk Barcoding System: Feeding breastmilk to a newborn requires a few extra steps when they are in an incubator. To ensure each baby receives the freshest milk at the right time from their mother, a special system is used to properly code and track each bottle.
  • Bilisoft Lighting System (warming stations): Preemies have hard time regulating their body temperature and many suffer from jaundice. The most effective way to help them is with a warming light bath with gentle ultraviolet therapy.
  • Continuing training and education: Our caregivers are committed to providing the highest quality care possible. Part of that promise entails periodic training courses to learn about new technology and techniques that benefit their patients.

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Read some truly inspirational stories of hope and triumph. 

Lockhart family

Amber Lockhart had happily worked for years as a nurse in Providence Holy Cross Medical Center’s emergency department. She had a friendly relationship with caregivers from the hospital’s other departments, but she did not work closely with them and did not expect to do so. That all changed during the pregnancy of her second child. Read more about the Lockhart family.

Crawford family

Michael and Caroline Crawford were thrilled to be expecting a baby girl on November 1. Caroline’s pregnancy had gone well, and they were planning to head into the holiday season with a joyful new addition to their family. When Caroline started experiencing contractions on September 18, it was the first sign that something might be wrong. Read more about the Crawford family.

Curiel family

Traci Curiel was late into her pregnancy with twin daughters when she went into labor, and immediately went to the hospital where she and her husband Mike had long planned to deliver her twins: Providence Holy Cross Medical Center. Mike is a devoted teacher and coach at a local Catholic school, and Mike and Traci were very happy to receive care at a hospital that honored their faith. And the young couple also knew that the doctors and nurses at Providence Holy Cross were nationally recognized caregivers, and they were happy knowing that, should anything go wrong, the hospital ran an exceptional Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Read more about the Curiel family.

Rodriguez family

It was Thanksgiving week, and a trip to the doctor was the last thing Amanda Rodriguez wanted. She was busy with studies, in the midst of her third year of a bachelor’s degree in nursing. She had three kids at home, all about to be on holiday. And she was happily pregnant with her fourth child, which had slowed her pace ever so slightly. Read more about the Rodriguez family.

Aguilar family

When she went into labor at 34 weeks, Jenneth Aguilar was not happy. As a nurse case manager, she was aware of the health risks that can impact premature babies. Her worries multiplied quickly when the caregivers at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center let her know that she was facing additional complications. In addition to pregnancy-induced hypertension, Jenneth had suffered a ruptured placenta. Her medical team informed her that they would have to deliver her daughter, Angelina Louise, through an emergency C-section. Read more about the Aguilar family.

Some vital statistics about our NICU and newborns

  • Providence Holy Cross maintains a Level III NICU: This is the highest rating a hospital can have. We provide continuously available personnel such as neonatologists, neonatal nurses and respiratory therapists) and equipment to provide life support as long as it is needed. We are able to provide care to infants with severe but differing degrees of complexity and risk.
  • Our caregivers deliver an average of 300 newborns each month – about 10 per day.
  • Our current NICU is always at capacity. We have 12 specialty incubator beds and, on average, we have continuous demand from 12 newborns to be there.
  • We project that over the next 5-10 years, our community will require access to 18 NICU beds.
  • We currently transfer 1-5 newborns per week to other hospitals with Level III NICUs.
  • We often have preemies in our NICU for 10 weeks at a time.
  • We are seeing a rise in the incidence of births at 24-25 weeks, meaning longer-term stays are becoming more frequent.

Gifts of all sizes are meaningful in a community-wide effort such as this. Our children are our most precious loved ones and your support for the Little Miracles Initiative is a very positive way to express your love for new life.

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Million-dollar matching opportunity

Providence Holy Cross is fortunate to have a generous donor who has offered to match all gifts to Little Miracles Initiative up to $1 million. This means that you have a chance to double the impact of your gift by taking advantage of this opportunity. Please join us in supporting our most precious patients, and maximize the impact of your gift by donating today.

Gifts of all sizes may be made online with a credit card by clicking the DONATE button above. Or you may mail a check to:

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Major gifts may be made in a lump sum or by multi-year pledge and paid with cash, credit card or stock transfer. Email us to learn more about how your gift can make a big difference in the Little Miracles Initiative.

Email our office if you would like to learn more about how to make a tax-advantaged planned gift from your estate that would benefit our Little Miracles Initiative.

Thank you.

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We look forward to hearing from you to answer any of your questions about the Little Miracles Initiative, schedule a tour of our medical center to see our plans firsthand and meet our caregivers, or discuss any questions you may have about making a gift.

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