Aguilar Family

When she went into labor at 34 weeks, Jenneth Aguilar was not happy. As a nurse case manager, she was aware of the health risks that can impact premature babies. Her worries multiplied quickly when the caregivers at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center let her know that she was facing additional complications. In addition to pregnancy-induced hypertension, Jenneth had suffered a ruptured placenta. Her medical team informed her that they would have to deliver her daughter, Angelina Louise, through an emergency C-section.

At this moment, Jenneth was infinitely glad that she was at Providence Holy Cross. This was the third pregnancy she had been through with at the medical center with her OB/GYN, Dr. Martin Cooper. Throughout her career, Jenneth had visited and worked with most of the major hospitals in Los Angeles County, and she personally chose Providence Holy Cross as the hospital where she wanted to deliver her babies. She felt that the doctors and nurses there were truly exceptional. “I come from a family of nurses,” she said, “so I don’t give that kind of praise to just any hospital.”

In this instance, her faith was well-placed. Between her rising blood pressure and a long-standing history of seizures, Jenneth was struggling to stay calm. “I was really scared,” she said. “But the doctors and nurses were just wonderful, they really helped me keep it together.”

Jenneth’s medical team smoothly prepped her for surgery, and delivered Angelina Louise by C-section a short time later. They immediately placed Angelina Louise in a specialized Giraffe bed for premature infants and brought her to the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Jenneth woke up to find her daughter receiving exceptional care and responding extremely well. “The NICU staff was amazing,” she said. “The doctors, the nurses, the neonatologist, they did such a good job of taking care of her and me.”

That care extended beyond the nine days that Angelina Louise spent in the NICU. For three months following her discharge, Providence Holy Cross sent a neonatal nurse to Jenneth’s home as a part of its First Five program. The nurses measured Angelina Louise’s weight and monitored her health, while helping Jenneth with a host of tools and educational materials that helped her care for Angelina Louise.

This attention to care has more than paid off. Now over one year old, Angelina Louise has never been back to the hospital and her health and growth have exceeded expectations at every turn. Jenneth and her family remain deeply grateful to the caregivers of Providence Holy Cross for helping make this happen. “Angelina Louise was my miracle baby,” she said. “And I owe that to Providence Holy Cross.”