Curiel Family

Traci Curiel was late into her pregnancy with twin daughters when she went into labor, and immediately went to the hospital where she and her husband Mike had long planned to deliver her twins: Providence Holy Cross Medical Center. Mike is a devoted teacher and coach at a local Catholic school, and Mike and Traci were very happy to receive care at a hospital that honored their faith. And the young couple also knew that the doctors and nurses at Providence Holy Cross were nationally recognized caregivers, and they were happy knowing that, should anything go wrong, the hospital ran an exceptional Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Of course, given that Traci’s pregnancy had been a smooth one, this was just a precaution. Traci and Mike never expected to actually rely on the NICU. And then, well into Traci’s labor, things changed.

As soon as Traci arrived at Providence Holy Cross, a team of doctors and nurses in the hospital’s maternity wing began guiding her through the birthing process. Mike was teaching when Traci’s labor began, and a Holy Cross caregiver stayed by her side to offer comfort and support until he arrived. Throughout, our maternity doctors and nurses closely monitored both Traci’s and her daughters’ conditions. All three of them stayed strong through the delivery, and Traci and Mike were both overjoyed as their twin girls were ushered into the world.

But then one of the clinicians on Traci’s team of caregivers noticed something. During the birthing process, one of the twins had inhaled fluid, limiting her ability to breathe. As soon as the baby girl was born, the doctors immediately treated Mike and Traci’s newborn and put her in a special care station within Providence Holy Cross’s NICU. Once in the NICU, the baby’s condition was closely monitored and all of the elements needed to protect her young life (appropriate light, temperature, nutrition and medical interventions) were provided by a team of experts using leading-edge medical technology. With this continuous care and 24/7 monitoring, the fluid in her lungs gradually dissipated.

Though exhausted after a long delivery, Traci had remained alert and worried about her daughter. One of the things that gave her and her husband strength was their confidence in the NICU’s caregivers. “It was comforting, knowing that they were there to look after her when I couldn’t,” she said.

Several days later, Mike and Traci’s daughter was able to leave the NICU and join her new family. Today, they are the proud parents of beautiful twin daughters, who have entered toddlerhood with great energy and affection. Mike and Traci remain eternally grateful to Providence Holy Cross for ensuring that their young family is happy, healthy and thriving.